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Here are a couple of extracts from the story. In the first one Toni is about to set off for Fairyland with the unicorn:   

     'Ready?' asked the unicorn. 


     'Not really,' said Toni. 'I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe in you. I'm too old for fairytales.' 


     'You'd better believe,' the unicorn said grimly, 'if you want to get your baby brother back.' 


     Toni glanced towards the empty cot. 'OK, OK, I believe,' she said. 


     Holding the fairytale book up high so that its cover was reflected in the mirror, she grasped the unicorn's mane tightly. As the mirror began to shiver and shake across its whole surface, he gathered up his forelegs and lifted himself into the air. Then, in what seemed almost slow motion, they were flying over the chest-of-drawers. 


And here, Toni and the unicorn have caught up on the baby and his kidnapper: 



     ‘Wait!’ cried Toni to Rumpelstiltskin. ‘Take me instead of the baby.’   


     Rumpelstiltskin stood there, looking her up and down. Then he threw back his head and laughed.  


     ‘Take you?’ he said. ‘And where do you think I’d find a prince who wanted your hand in marriage? Someone sweet and wholesome is what princes look for, not a wife who’ll sell their children to the first person who passes.’ 


     ‘I didn’t mean to,’ Toni said, feeling her lower lip tremble. ‘I thought I was day-dreaming . . .’