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Over 700 people have bought The Fairytale Quest in hardback, mostly through direct sales. You can now read it yourself or to your children on the Kindle.  



 The Fairytale Quest


by Allie Anders 


This children's book is a magical adventure story set in Ireland and aimed at primary school children. 


 Toni doesn’t believe in fairytales . . .


until a nasty little man called Rumpelstiltskin tricks her into swapping her baby brother Brian for a unicorn.



     Rumpelstiltskin intends to enter Brian in the Fairyland Beautiful Baby Competition, not for the prize of a bag of gold, but for the aristocratic friends he will make when Brian wins the hand of a baby princess in marriage.


Should he lose the competition, however, he will sell Brian into slavery in the Snow Queen’s mines.


     If Toni wants to rescue Brian before her mam and step-dad find out what she has done with him, she will have to go to Fairyland with the unicorn to get the fairy godmother to use her magic to find out Rumpelstiltskin’s new name. This will allow Toni to undo the spell that binds the baby, and get him back.  


     But will she succeed in this quest, when she and the unicorn must first get to the magic well that lies on the other side of the Wild Woods, where all sorts of obstacles and dangers lie in wait?


     And, as the unicorn has warned her, if she and Brian are still in Fairyland after sunset, they will have to stay there forever . . .